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ZO® GSR™ Systems

Developed by Zein Obagi, MD

The Essential Step to Skin Health

ZO® GSR™ Systems are today’s only complete solutions designed to normalize skin function as the fi rst step in optimizing the epidermis and dermis
during therapeutic treatments or to maintain truly healthy skin on a daily basis.

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Normalizing Skin Function

Developed under the guidance of Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO® GSR™ Systems’
new formulations, synergistic products and effective protocols are
designed to normalize skin and improve barrier function through:

  • Enhanced natural exfoliation
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-infl ammatory effects
  • Sebum control and pH balancing
  • Restoration of natural hydration
  • Epidermal renewal
  • Acne prevention and treatment
  • Reduced sensitivity and supportive healing
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ZO® GSR™ Medical System

For use by patients with skin disorders, this system with
protocols for oily and dry skin is used during and after
treatment to maximize results and minimize reactions.

Mandatory for All ZO® Treatment Protocols:
ZO® GSR™ Medical System must be used to achieve
successful treatment results

ZO® GSR™ Non-Medical System

For use every day by individuals without skin disorders,
this system optimizes skin health and supports
the skin’s barrier function.

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