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Making Healthy Skin
Possible for Every Patient.

3 Programs for Specific Skin Conditions

Offering the broadest range of products and results-oriented solutions,
ZO Skin Health reflects the freshest thinking in skincare today.
By focusing on healthy skin, ZO makes it easy for physicians and
aestheticians to provide programs for patients specifically
tailored to treat their condition.

Zein Obagi, MD

“My revolutionary new concept of the ZO Skin Health Circle is based on helping patients continuously create
and maintain healthy skin.”

New Ossential® Radical
Night Repair Plus

Accelerate damaged skin repair with five times
more retinol than traditional anti-aging products.

Condition 1: Youthful Skin

For skin that displays little or no signs of
chronological or photo-aging, the ZO® Daily Skincare
Program provides essential tools for maintaining
healthy skin that include retinol, specialized
enzymes and antioxidants.

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rosacea skin care

Condition 2: Mature Skin

Addressing early signs of aging that include fine lines,
uneven skin tones and loss of firmness, the
ZO® Anti-Aging Program uses higher concentrations
of active ingredients found in growth factors, retinol,
specialized enzymes and antioxidants.

Condition 3: Aging Skin

For treating definite signs of aging skin, the
ZO® Aggressive Anti-Aging Program employs
the highest concentrations of retinol to reduce
the incidence of wrinkles, brown patches,
loose skin, large pores and sun damage.

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